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HELLO LIVING Headquarters

The HELLO LIVING headquarters are the acme modern design, reconditioning an industrial warehouse into a sleek office setting. It combines the industrial soul of Brooklyn with the modern design and decorum that is quintessentially New York City. The modern and industrial juxtaposition was not made by accident, but rather it is the same style that flows throughout all of Hello Livings's amazing projects. The company continually adapts the best features of the industrial design with sleek modern touches.


Hello, Living's key design concept was to create an office space that has individual private offices and conference rooms without losing and taking away from the open space and natural lighting that the industrial complex originally afforded. 

THE OFFICE integrates monochromatic color schemes, primarily incorporating red to contrast the industrial background. The use of red, in the industrial complex, allows the bold graphics to pop and accents the more beautiful and subtle features in the modernized industrial space.

The convergence of the modern and the industrial is further exemplified by the office’s use of reclaimed wood. The wood floors were brought in to add warmth to the industrial space. Reclaimed antique wood beams have been refurbished to become the office's prodigious conference table and are paired nicely with the modern furniture. While the rest of the office is further accented by reclaimed barn wood paneling. 

HELLO LIVING refused to stop there and continued with amalgamations of the old and the new with the use of refurbished original windows, implemented in the conference room. The windows draw the eye immediately upon entering the foyer and are accented, wonderfully, by the modern and minimalist furniture accompaniments close by. The office also kept exposed concrete columns and beams and old industrial radiators to continue the modern with the old theme.  


Finally, HELLO LIVING incorporated custom photography as well as industrial cartography. The office contains a mural-sized map of Brooklyn on its rear wall, and on it are highlighted all of Hello Living's past, present, and future projects. This, to put the final stamp on their bringing together the best parts of old Brooklyn and new Brooklyn.


As if by some kind of fate, HELLO LIVING has come to reside in an area that mirrors their own ideas on the combination of old and the new. Their offices reside in Industry City, which is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Industry City is a rapidly changing and already modernized building complex. The complex was formally a series industrial warehouses but, in recent years, has completely redesigned itself and has become a thriving office metropolis.


Industry City’s constant development and change mirrors HELLO LIVING'S own designs. The former industrial park takes on the touches of modern office.

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