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HELLO LENOX-grand opening party

From the outside looking in, the vibrant fuchsia lights glowed from the glass doors, tempting outsiders like a 1930s NYC speak-easy. On the midst of a new season, the completion of 271 Lenox arrived, and it set the stage for HELLO LIVING'S version of a Spring equinox. Above the cold concrete rose Hello Lenox, marking the transitional phase from bustling construction site to tranquil sanctuary ready to be called home. It was a celebration of new life, new residents, and new stories. Immediately as guests entered, they walked a plush red carpet lined with candle pedestals into a magical sprawling spring-time lounge. With aspects of our signature Industrial style still present, it was beautifully complemented by long-blooming cherry blossom trees and roses placed generously around the room. Warm magenta lights and hanging candles create an inviting atmosphere for the guests that had an array of food selections from the sushi bar, warm nuts, desserts, smoothies, and more. Music and slideshows of earlier HELLO LIVING buildings were projected on the venue walls as a reminder of our past accomplishments and the excitement of new ventures. The Hello Living touch of modern living extends beyond just our residences, we bring opulence to any task at hand.

Its all about the DETAILS
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